44000, 100 battles and 100 victories | The 21st Buyang Cultural Festival has come to a successful conclusion

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2023-11-01

At the beginning of the new thirty years in Buyang, it was very popular!

Entering the new century, the brilliant transformation of Buyang broke free 30 years ago.

As the oar of time swings until October 29, 2023, a major cultural festival evening in Buyang is inevitable. What can you see at the Great Road Tour - Cultural Festival? Condensed into one sentence: The new thirty years of Buyang are very exciting.

Forty four thousand. Victory in all battles!

While innovating independently, Chairman Xu Buyun fully leverages the leading role of Buyang as a leading enterprise. Over the years, he has allocated extremely abundant funds and research sites, and trained many specialized technology researchers. The purpose is to create more new products that meet the current aesthetic in response to the requirements of the new era. During the evening party, Chairman Xu and General Manager also distributed commendation medals to more than 50 dealers as a commemoration.

At the sales festival, everyone talked about future development, and Chairman Xu was full of confidence. He said that difficulties come year after year, and this year is no exception. Currently, we are indeed facing some risks and challenges, and we need to have a clear understanding of them. The trauma left by the three-year epidemic has not yet healed, the crisis is prolonged, the economic recovery is weak, and the severe and complex international and domestic environment has made it even more difficult for the Buyang family. The chairman is willing to serve as a strong support for everyone and has expressed favorable policies in his current stance; I hope that everyone can work steadily and without any worries, and have a positive attitude to welcome a new round of innovation and entrepreneurship. We can timely discover and seize every fertile ground of economic development, and we in Buyang will definitely usher in new development opportunities.

Managers and distributors of various offices have expressed that although the Chinese economy is showing a recovery growth trend, the pressure we are facing is not small, such as weak endogenous power, insufficient effective demand, and unstable market expectations, which are still quite severe in the short term.

The chairman encouraged and guided everyone to open up new markets: traversing mountains and rivers, enduring countless hardships, speaking countless words, and going through countless difficulties and dangers For many years, the spirit of 440000 has been the spiritual torch that illuminates the journey of private entrepreneurs who forge ahead.

General Manager Xu stated in the annual marketing report that 31 years of prosperity is exactly the new starting point that Buyang is standing at. Innovation is the foundation of its existence and the inherent gene of Buyang. Buyang Iron Army always believes that only by firmly adhering to the path of innovation driven development and strengthening technological self-reliance and self-improvement can high-quality development of the enterprise be achieved, Buyang Group has always adhered to innovation and emphasized that key core technologies are indeed irreplaceable, unaffordable, and cannot be obtained on their own. This is also the advantage of Buyang, which cannot be replaced by the manufacturing industry.

Guan Guan is sad, Guan Guan has passed, and the road ahead is long and bright. As a strong backing of the Buyang Iron Army, the Buyang Group has awarded an over completion bonus to boost morale. After the award, they will discuss with the Buyang Iron Army the economic situation and future expectations, so that everyone can see the confidence and trend of our Buyang Iron Army.

6+1 Product Series Excellence Award

The 440000 scroll relay is passed down as the dream fire of the century old Buyang. In the hands of the relay, there are representatives of advanced models, model workers, production representatives, and many representatives from the grassroots frontline. Perhaps the stories are different, but the spirit of "faster, higher, stronger - more united" conveyed by them will inspire every fighter in the Buyang family to pass on the passion of pursuing dreams on the track of "life".

The past has not passed, but the future has arrived. The 440000 scroll relay ceremony conveys the path of the continuous inheritance of Buyang culture. This is a deep dialogue between the history and future of Buyang. In the passing of the 440000 scroll relay, let's walk towards the future together with a century long dream of walking in the sun!

Thank you for having you all!