SMIED Endless

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2023-10-04

On September 16th, the opening of SMIED I Buyang flagship store 0677 in Zhumadian was successfully promoted. Over 20 years of market accumulation have nurtured another SMIED I Buyang, bringing new experiences to Zhumadian customers and leisurely enjoying home fun.

The 'SMIED terminal strategy' has a consistent love for consumers. At the opening event, not only can consumers participate in interactive lucky draws, smart locks, and boutique doors, but they can also experience 9.9 privilege cards, blind boxes, and free tickets for Zhang Xinzhe's concert.

The scene was bustling with people, and the five major welfare strategies enhanced promotional flow, bringing super high popularity to SMIED's flagship store.

Morale. The beginning of everything is difficult, and the same applies to enterprises. A good beginning is half done, and a good beginning contains good hope.

More than 6800 sales specialty store outlets, covering 25 regions in China, with tentacles covering over 2000 regions nationwide. Along the way, Buyang realized this truth through continuous progress: difficulties exist for a long time, and how to face them is the watershed of whether to grasp the present and win the future.

Focusing on finding opportunities in adversity, the significance of large-scale promotions lies in breaking the situation, motivating, and more importantly, hoping. It is a way of thinking and survival for excellent entrepreneurs and stores.


At this point, it is far reaching Far from ending