Public Welfare in the Heart, Responsibility in Action | The 2023 Zhejiang Normal University Xingzhi College Buyang Scholarship Issuance Ceremony was Successfully Held

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2023-11-13

On November 12th, the 16th Zhejiang Provincial SME Summit was grandly held at the Xingzhi College of Zhejiang Normal University. The theme of this summit is "Deepening the Integration of Industry and Education, Promoting Innovative Development", fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and helping entrepreneurs continue to explore the "industry university cooperation, interactive win-win" two-way cooperation model between schools and enterprises, expanding new industrial tracks, and continuously empowering innovative development.

In the entrepreneur salon segment, the chairman of the group, Xu Buyun, analyzed the current demand for industry education integration from the perspectives of enterprise development and talent introduction, providing new ideas for school enterprise collaboration and student employment. And shared their insights and engaged in interactive discussions with numerous entrepreneurs at the venue.

During the conference, the Xingzhi College of Zhejiang Normal University held the 14th "Buyang Group Award and Scholarship" distribution ceremony. Since 2010, Buyang Group has partnered with Xingzhi College to establish an 8 million yuan scholarship fund. Chairman Xu, on behalf of Buyang Group, has cumulatively distributed 2.8 million yuan in scholarships and scholarships, benefiting over 1600 teachers and students. It is currently one of the oldest, most widely benefited, and most influential entrepreneurial scholarships in Xingzhi College's history; Chairman Xu Buyun has been persisting in the act of rewarding and assisting students for many years, winning rounds of applause from the attending teachers and students.