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Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise, with 265 patents

Step China Yang group is a professional design, production and sales of the security steel enter-door, high-end custom door, fire door, steel door, wooden door series, intelligent lock series, stainless steel doors, large real estate development group co., LTD., the group covers an area of 600000 square meters, more than 5000 employees, has 11 international advanced modern industry production line, Buyang Door Industry Research Institute and the first 5G Buyang smart factory in China.

Passed iso9001:2000 international quality system certification in 2000; In 2001, we obtained the right of self-import. In 2002, Buyang fire door passed the national fire safety certification; In 2003, the Ministry of Construction designated Buyang Group as the "designated production enterprise of anti-theft and fire safety door"; In 2011, it won the "Ten Great White Gold Award" in The Steel category of China door Industry; In 2020, it was selected as "Zhejiang Province Big data Application Demonstration Enterprise". The group has been rated as one of the Top 500 Competitive Large Enterprise groups in China and one of the top 100 Private Enterprises with the most growth potential in China. The total output value of the group exceeds 6 billion yuan and the total tax payment of the group exceeds 660 million yuan in 2020, achieving leapfrog development for many years in a row.

Buyang Group has always been focused on one-stop whole house door, "with Buyang, I rest assured" for the enterprise vision, constantly bring forth the new, pay attention to product research and development and design, did not improve the quality of life of the national continuous efforts.

In the future development strategy planning, yongkang as the headquarters center, will be in Shandong (built), Sichuan (built), Hubei, Liaoning four new door industry production base, forming an annual output of 8 million large enterprises.

  • Top 500 competitive
    enterprises in China
  • Top 100 private enterprises with
    the most growth power in China
  • The total output value of the
    group exceeds 6 billion yuan
  • The total tax paid by the group
    exceeded 450 million yuan
  • Enterprise tenet
    Enterprises and society develop together,
    Enterprises and markets develop together,
    Enterprises and staff Common development
  • Philosophy
    Good faith management,
    good faith service and
    customer satisfaction
  • Management
    Everything is done in every
    detail, and the day is
    clear and the day is over
  • Quality policy
    Learn advanced technology,
    improve the quality of people
    meet the needs of customers.
  • Corporate mission
    Create first class brand
    A century of Buyang
  • Team spirit
    Personal intelligence and talent,
    Create benefits for enterprises
  • Staff slogan
    Abide by the rules and regulations of
    the factory, abide by the safe operation
    procedures Ensure product quality


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(the predecessor of Buyang group) Chengzhong foundry was established, mainly producing aluminum die-casting products such as cooking utensils and stoves. It became the supplier of many famous brands of kitchen and bathroom at that time.
The people of Buyang have worked hard for 27 years and achieved gratifying glory and fruitful
results today, It encourages Buyang people to be positive and continue to meet
and exceed customer requirements and strive for greater honor.


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