Towards a New Journey in 2023 | Buyang Group's 2022 Brand Glory Review

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2023-01-09

2022 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Buyang Group

It was also a challenging and fruitful year

In the past year

Buyang people always insist on practicing corporate values

Scientific and technological breakthroughs and innovations, corporate responsibility

Continuously explore the innovation-driven development strategy of manufacturing industry

This year, we spent in the extraordinary

Every back of payment should be seen

Every enterprise highlight should be recorded

2023 has already begun, standing at the starting point of a new journey

Let's review the growth of 2022 together

Treasuring the annual memories of Buyang people


2022 New Year Mobilization Meeting of Buyang Group was held

In the afternoon of February 22, 2022, the New Year mobilization meeting of Buyang Group was held at the group headquarters. He also put forward new requirements for everyone's work, asking all departments to further clarify their goals, seize the key points, clarify their ideas, strengthen their execution, and devote themselves to their work with more enthusiasm, more solid style and more reasonable management, so as to make a good start and take a good step to complete the work for the whole year. This will provide a good start and a good start for all the people of Buyang, indicating the direction of advancement and enhancing the motivation of struggle.


Chairman Xu Buyun was elected as the Chairman of the new Federation of Industry and Commerce

On the afternoon of March 8, the 11th General Meeting of the Yongkang Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) was held at the Yongkang Municipal Organ Conference Center. Ltd. was elected as the chairman of the 11th Yongkang Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce). In his speech, Mr. Xu Buyun, Chairman of Buyang Group, said that he would unite the private economy around the Party, take the work of Yongkang City Federation of Industry and Commerce to a new level, contribute to the promotion of local economic construction, lead the majority of enterprises in Yongkang to create a rich and far-reaching peer group, and lead Buyang to continue to make Yongkang a new benchmark of righteousness, pragmatism and innovation step by step. The new leadership team of the Federation of Industry and Commerce will take up a new mission and strive to be the political firm to promote the two health, listen to the Party, follow the Party; to be the leading doer to build the benchmark of Zhejiang manufacturing, gather intelligence and help development; to be the bearer to build an exemplary organization.

Buyang Group won five honors, including "the first of the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Yongkang in 2021".

On March 11, the 2021 Yongkang Private Economy and Advanced Manufacturing Development Conference was held in Yongkang Municipal Organ Conference Center. At the conference, Buyang Group Co., Ltd. won the top of the list of "Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Yongkang City in 2021", "Top 10 Enterprises in Science and Technology Innovation in Yongkang City", "National Green Manufacturing Enterprise", "Provincial Intelligent Factory", "Provincial Water-saving Benchmark Enterprise", etc. Ltd. won five awards, such as "Top 100 Yongkang Manufacturing Enterprises in 2021", "Top 10 Yongkang Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises", "National Green Manufacturing Enterprise", "Provincial Smart Factory" and "Provincial Water-saving Benchmark Enterprise". This is the first year of Yongkang Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises, and it is another golden honor after Buyang Group won the first place of "Top 100 Tax Payers in Yongkang City in 2021", which is also a high recognition of Buyang Group by Yongkang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. In the future, Buyang will continue to take brand power, marketing power, R&D power, product power, and delivery power as the grip, form five "forces" in one, focus on industry dividends, adhere to innovation-driven, digital transformation and upgrading, create a grand blueprint of "100 years of Buyang", and lead the high-quality development of Yongkang manufacturing industry.

Buyang National Marketing Seminar was held

In March, the 20th Buyang Marketing Seminar was successfully held in the country. Chairman Xu Buyun hoped that all Buyang people would follow the new era and look to the future together, carry forward the spirit of the Red Army Long March in market development, build Buyang iron army and forge a century of Buyang brand; under the witness of the chairman, each branch signed the sales target and vowed to do a good job of Buyang service and maintain Buyang brand for Buyang's 30th anniversary.


Buyang SMIED brand wins the honor of A' Design Award in Italy

On April 15, SMIED entry door's new Mate-03 won the honor of A' Design Award in the 2022 Italy A' Award competition with its excellent design. Italy A' Design Award, also known as A' Design Award, is one of the world's largest and most comprehensive global design competitions, and is known as the Oscars of the European design world. The award of "Italy A' Design Award" is a reflection of the spirit of continuous innovation and polishing of details, which will inspire SMIED to continue to uphold the design concept of "quality, safety and internationalization" and create more high-end entrance doors. The design concept of "quality, safety and internationalization" will continue to inspire SMIED to create more high-end entrance doors, so that more consumers can feel the beauty of design and experience the quality of craftsmanship.


The fifth president class of Buyang Business School was successfully held

On August 12, the president's class of Buyang Business School with the theme of "Full Charge, Battle for Eight, Nine, Ten" was held. Chairman Xu Buyun pointed out in the fifth Buyang Business School President Class that in the second half of 2022, opportunities and challenges coexist, and motivation and pressure coexist, and the Buyang Iron Army should get out of the comfort zone to achieve sales breakthrough, and complete the annual sales task with a new marketing concept and a new PK model.


The 20th Buyang Cultural Festival 100 years of Buyang stars passed on

In the afternoon of October 3, the moment when the flame of Buyang's foundry (the predecessor of Buyang) stepped into Buyang Square, Buyang Group ushered in another "highlight moment". From here, the torch was passed to four major production bases, 10 warehousing centers, 26 sales branches and more than 5,800 stores nationwide, and finally returned to the headquarters in Yongkang, thus launching a series of activities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Buyang Group.

The 50 million capital increase ceremony of Buyang 10 million public welfare fund was successfully held

With 30 years of hard work and 30 years of trials and hardships, Buyang Group has undertaken social responsibilities and actively practiced poverty alleviation and public welfare activities. Xu Jingjun, the general manager, announced that the 10 million public welfare fund in Buyang had increased from 20 million yuan to 50 million yuan. She donated 200000 yuan of scholarships and grants to Zhejiang Normal University, 200000 yuan of support to jointly build a beautiful village in Yongkang, 200000 yuan of support to jointly build a rich village in Xilian, 200000 yuan of support to the Red Cross rescue team in Yongkang, and was committed to helping students and poor people, and building a rich village together.


The 30th anniversary celebration of Buyang Group and the dealer summit forum were held

On November 4, the 30th anniversary celebration of Buyang Group and the dealers' summit forum were held. Chairman Xu Buyun analyzed the current economic situation in China and the future macro-control policies. General Manager Xu Jingjun introduced the annual sales of Buyang and the direction of the enterprise's digital transformation to the participating dealers. He pointed out that he would continue to strengthen the national strategic centralized purchasing, participate in the whole house customization project, strengthen the promotion of new media and new retail, and strengthen the construction of marketing channels, Strengthen the terminal service capacity and realize the high-quality transformation and development of Buyang.

The 30th anniversary celebration party of Buyang

On November 5, the 30th anniversary celebration party of Buyang Group was held in the headquarters of Buyang. All the people of Buyang watched the cultural feast together. The cool drones transform graphics in the air to represent the shining point in the 30-year development of Buyang, lighting up the starry sky of the headquarters of Buyang Group. The distant holographic lighthouse is burning, symbolizing the fire of life in Buyang and illuminating the way of people in Buyang. The evening party opened with the chorus "Songs of Buyang Employees". Chairman Xu, Vice Chairman Chen, and General Manager Xu presented awards to the meritorious figures of Buyang's 30th anniversary on the spot. Famous stars such as Zhang Shaohan, Li Yugang, Han Lei, and Qi Shu sang, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. Finally, the ceremony ended successfully in the "Star Sea" chorus. There was also good news at the party. Buyang Group was awarded the "National Green Factory", and Chairman Xu Buyun was awarded the honorary title of "National Excellent Entrepreneur".

Delivery ceremony of the first batch of 30 BMW X5 vehicles of Buyang Group

On November 5, the 30th anniversary celebration of the Buyang Group and the 20th Buyang Cultural Festival were held in the headquarters of the Buyang Group. "In the past 30 years of Buyang, thank you" awarded outstanding employees and 30 BMW cars.


Buyang International was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

At 9:30 on December 15, at the headquarters square of Buyang Group, the big screen live broadcast connected to the ceremony site of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Ruan Ganghui, Vice Mayor of Jinhua City, Zhang Xusheng, Secretary of the Yongkang Municipal Party Committee, Hu Yongchun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Xu Buyun, Chairman of Buyang Group, and Xu Jingjun, General Manager of Buyang Group, jointly sounded the opening gong. Buyang International was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

SMIED | More than 560 flagship stores in Buyang

On December 31, SMIED opened its 560th flagship store, orderly promoting the strategic layout of SMIED brand in China. SMIED brand, as the representative of the door to luxury customization, will always be committed to presenting the ultimate craft, exquisite German life experience and enthusiastic attitude to consumers.

Follow the wind and catch the moon. Don't stop. Spring Mountain is at the end of Pingwu

The glory of 2022 will be remembered

In the journey of 2023, Buyang Group will continue

Seize development opportunities and accelerate digital transformation

Make unremitting efforts and work together

Achieve a new leap for the development of the Group!