The 20th Buyang Cultural Festival and 2022 Buyang Dealer Summit was successfully held!

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2022-11-18

On November 5, the 30th Anniversary Celebration and the 20th Bunyang Culture Festival of Bunyang Group was held at the headquarters of Bunyang. All Bunyang people watched this cultural feast together, and the cool drones changed graphics in the air to interpret the shining points of Bunyang's 30 years of development, lighting up the starry sky of the headquarters of Bunyang Group, and the holographic lighthouse burning in the distance symbolized the fire of Bunyang's life and illuminated the way of Bunyang people moving forward.

The party started with the chorus of "The Song of Buyang Staff", and Chairman Xu, Vice Chairman Chen and General Manager Xu presented awards to Buyang's 30th anniversary meritorious people on the spot. The party also brought good news that Buyang Group was awarded "National Green Factory" and Chairman Xu Buyun was honored as "National Outstanding Entrepreneur".

Culture sets the stage and sales sings

"30 Years of Buyang, Forever Forward" 2022 Buyang Dealer Summit was successfully concluded.

At the meeting, Chairman Xu analyzed the current Chinese economic situation and future macro-control policies, through the improvement of housing and consumption will release a huge market volume, we are in a century of unprecedented changes, all walks of life are facing new changes and new challenges. This is the call of the new era and the new journey. With this vigor, the Buyang Iron Army will break into a new world in the difficult market environment, and Buyang people will hold their heads high, listen to the Party, feel the Party's grace, and follow the Party. We will follow the Party's words, and march together towards the starry sea of Buyang for a century.

General Manager Xu introduced the annual sales situation of Buyang and the direction of the digital transformation of the enterprise to the dealers present. 2022, in the severe market environment, Buyang Iron Army raced forward and achieved extraordinary results, achieving counter-trend growth in brand marketing, product layout, deep channel cultivation, etc. Next we will continue to innovate marketing concepts, improve the marketing thinking ability of Buyang Iron Army, love the brand, strengthen In the meantime, in 2023, Buyang Group will continue to increase product design and development, strengthen the national strategic collection force, participate in whole-house customization projects, strengthen new media and retail promotion, strengthen marketing channel construction, and enhance terminal service capability. We will take this year's sales performance as a new starting point and launch a sprint for new goals in 2023, and make every effort to grab orders from the market and achieve the high-quality transformation and development of Buyang.

For 30 years, Buyang Group has been on the road to success. Buyang Group will continue to embrace the strong corporate philosophy of "industry for the nation, industry for the country", and will carry forward the Buyang spirit of "truth-seeking, pragmatic, hard-working and innovative" to meet new challenges and embark on a new journey to create new glories for Buyang!