2022 Annual Quality Integrity Report

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2022-09-03

The Quality Credit Report published by China Buyang Group Co., Ltd. reviews the philosophy, system, measures and the results achieved by China Buyang Group Co., Ltd. in quality management, product quality responsibility and quality integrity management. Regarding the disclosures in this report, the following is stated:

(i) The scope of the report

Scope of organization of the report: China Buyang Group Co.
Time frame of the report: January 2021 to December 2021
Report publication cycle: This report is an annual report

(ii) Statement of objectivity of report content
This report is completely based on the actual situation of the company's production and operation, and the content is objective and fair, with no false information, and is published regularly to accept the supervision and guidance of the society.

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