Shao Guoqiang, vice mayor of Jinhua City, went to Buyang group to carry out

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-05-07

On the afternoon of April 23, Shao Guoqiang, vice Mayor of Jinhua, and his delegation visited Buyang Group and carried out an in-depth activity of "serving enterprises, serving the masses and serving the grassroots". Bu Yang Group chairman Xu Buyun accompanied the investigation.

Shao Guoqiang, vice mayor of Jinhua, visited Buyang for research

Vice Mayor Shao Guoqiang and his delegation visited Buyang Science and Technology Museum, big data Center and intelligent factory automatic production line successively, and had an in-depth understanding of buyang's history, product status, technological innovation investment and strategic layout planning. Director Xu Buyun made a comprehensive report to Vice Mayor Shao and his delegation on the current production and operation, marketing, technical innovation and big data system of Buyang Group, and elaborated on the next development direction of the company.

Chairman Xu Buyun introduced buyang products to Vice Mayor Shao

City leaders visit Buyang Science and Technology Museum

Xu Buyun, chairman of the board, deeply analyzed the corporate philosophy of Buyang brand since its establishment and the innovation and change in the new era industrial wave to Vice Mayor Shao and other party. Step Yang group) as success, he said, "big data application demonstration enterprise" in zhejiang province and zhejiang province for many years the department awarded the "zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise" and other honors of China's door industry leading enterprises, the company always adhere to innovation, driven by digital technology can assign for the enterprise, has invested 130 million yuan, push from automation to intelligent, From traditional enterprise service software to big data centers, from labor-intensive production to 5G factories and smart workshops, new technologies, new processes and new management infused with the soul of innovation have revolutionized production methods. It is the foundation of automatic production, implant "edge of 5 g wireless + 5 g + mobile cloud computing platform, large data networking equipment point to point communication, data on the cloud, horizontal division more collaborative, vertical supply chain connected, step Yang group for industrial control based on 5 g interactions in big data management possible. At the same time, by insisting on new ideas, new thinking, new model and new retail, new way, take the initiative to adapt to market changes, looking in the crisis, through the market, grasp the production, innovation and a series of measures, especially just step national Yang marketing meeting in March, step through all the efforts of the Yang family, a good start to the 2021 war, Continue to strive to build the first brand of China's anti-theft door industry, and promote the rapid growth of jinhua's private economy.

City leaders visit buyang Big data intelligent command center

Vice Mayor Shao and his delegation focused on listening to the next development plan of the enterprise and the difficulties encountered in the process of development, especially the problems restricting the development of the enterprise, such as the shortage of labor force and the intelligent chip card. Vice Mayor Shao said, "The Jinhua municipal government will stick to the attitude of helping enterprises unchanged, the heat will not be reduced, the intensity will not be reduced, focus on the annual target, firm confidence and determination, and continue to make accurate efforts to promote the high-quality development of private economy policies and measures into practice, to help the" 14th five-year plan "high-quality start. At the same time, we encourage Buyang Group to strengthen its confidence, take the initiative, uphold the spirit of professionalism and concentration, increase investment in science and technology, improve innovation ability, and continue to play the leading role of the industry leading enterprise while continuously expanding the enterprise and realizing its own value, so as to make greater contribution to the economic and social development of Jinhua.