Digital enabling innovation drives enterprise transformation and upgrading

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-03-16

On the afternoon of March 11th, leaders of Jinhua City Zhang Xinyu and Lou Dongjiang, leaders of our city Zhang Qunhuan and Li Haofeng, main leaders of relevant departments of Jinhua city, main leaders of the county (city, district) government and leaders in charge, as well as representatives of key traditional manufacturing enterprises visited Buyang Group for investigation. Group chairman Xu Buyun, General Manager Director Zhu Ning, general manager assistant Pu Wanyi and other senior leaders of the company warmly received the delegation and expressed sincere welcome to your visit!

A delegation visited the step Yang group door industry institute of intelligent manufacturing workshop, field view after intelligent control of unmanned workshop, and automatic roller GaXian, automatic spray lines, coating line, assembly line robot and a series of automated production line, understand the whole process of the step Yang door production, detailed understanding of the company production and operation and intelligent production situation. The delegation spoke highly of the company's clean and orderly factory operation and intelligent production mode, and agreed that the company had strict requirements, standardized management, advanced production equipment and gratifying achievements.

Step in Yang future life hall, the group chairman Xu Buyun leaders introduced the step of yangxin county to visit 5 g factories and large data centers and embedded wisdom "edge of 5 g wireless + 5 g + mobile cloud computing platform" big data networking mode, implement the production equipment of point-to-point communication, in longitudinal and transverse division coordination supply chain connected, A new mode of digital production of security door was created.

The leaders of the delegation watched the big data intelligent command center and learned that the buyang Big Data Center can collect data such as workshop output, quality, energy consumption, processing accuracy and equipment status in real time, and correlate them with orders, storage and logistics, so as to realize full traceability and abnormal alarm of production and sales process.

After the visit, Xu Buyun, chairman of the group, and the delegation made a report and exchange on the current development and operation of the company, business scale, technological innovation, automation, big data, intelligent construction and other aspects.

The jinhua city government delegation visit buyang Group visit, is an important embodiment of the comprehensive strength of Buyang Group in the industry. At the same time, strengthen the communication and exchange between Bu Yang and other peers, in the technology innovation, resource sharing, complementary advantages and other aspects of the depth of expansion.

Main leaders from Yongkang Economy and Information Technology Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Bureau, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Capital Regulation Bureau, Commerce Bureau, Market Regulation Bureau, Financial Affairs Office, Statistics Bureau and administrative Committee of Development Zone participated in the inspection activities.

In the afternoon, the city's traditional manufacturing transformation and promotion 2.0 version of the site will be held in Yongkang. Jinhua municipal party committee deputy secretary, mayor xing zhihong, stressed that to thoroughly study and apply the important instructions of xi jinping, general secretary of manufacturing power spirit, conscientiously implement the provincial traditional manufacturing industry to upgrade to version 2.0 advance will on site and the city "four crucial four top mobilization meeting deployment, vigorously implement the traditional manufacturing industry to upgrade to version 2.0" eight big action ", We will comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry to provide strong support for building a leading city for socialist modernization.

(Presided over by Xing Zhihong, Mayor of Jinhua, Attended by Zhang Xinyu and Lou Dongjiang)

Jinhua city outstanding entrepreneurs on behalf of buyang Group Chairman Xu Buyun made a speech

Chairman Xu Buyun said that Buyang Group has gone through 29 years since its establishment. During this period of time, we have never left the security door industry, and always put our limited energy into the products we are good at, to make the products fine, to make the service excellent, to make the enterprise strong and to make the enterprise stronger. We will continue to adhere to innovation driven, digital empowerment, talent help, and strive to create a "hundred years of buyang", for the national door industry high-quality development contribution Buyang force.