Driven by innovation, Buyang is on the road -- Chairman Xu Buyun walks into wushang Lecture hall

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-04-16

On the afternoon of April 16th, the third wubusiness Lecture and president's office meeting of Jinhua Enterprise Federation and Entrepreneur Association was held in Jinhua.

Jinhua, known as Wuzhou in ancient times, has a history and splendid culture of more than 1800 years since dongyang County was established in 266.

Jinhua Enterprise Association and Entrepreneur Association were founded in 1984, now there are more than 700 member units, the founding purpose is "to create a win-win situation, seek common development of Jinhua future"! Buyang is one of the most representative private enterprises in wushang. In the process of development, Buyang firmly believes in reform and opening up, and promotes the sustainable development of the industry.

This Wubusiness Lecture hall aims to strengthen the exchange and learning of entrepreneurs, broaden the perspective of entrepreneurs, and promote the construction of enterprise management team. Xu Buyun, chairman of China Buyang Group, attended the meeting as the executive chairman of Jinhua Entrepreneurs Association, and shared the development course of China Buyang Group in the past 29 years and the experience of promoting digital and intelligent transformation to the participating enterprises, associations, member units and alliance members.

Step Yang always adhere to the digital and intelligent control as the driving force, to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, from tax from 200000 to 2020 in 1995 reached 660 million yuan, tax revenue has increased by three thousand three hundred times, accumulative total has more than 680 patents, in zhejiang province for many years been awarded the title of "zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise" by the science.

Insists on innovation drive, using digital technology can assign, for the enterprise to "machine substitution" and "intelligent" as the focus, built "step Yang 5 g factory" wisdom "step Yang big data centers," implant "edge of 5 g wireless + 5 g + mobile cloud computing platform, large data networking realize point-to-point communication, production equipment in longitudinal and transverse division coordination supply chain connected, A new digital model of security door production was created.

Chairman Xu Buyun's speech has strong times, ideological and guidance, especially the experience sharing of Buyang intelligent manufacturing, so that many entrepreneurs benefit a lot.

In the era of intelligent economy, innovation is the core. Without innovation, enterprises will lose their core competitiveness. Must innovate unceasingly, strengthens the enterprise innovation consciousness, causes the enterprise to be able to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. Relying on "Wubusinessman Lecture Hall", it promotes the sharing and communication between Wubusinessman enterprises, continuously infuses the innovation vitality, and boosts the manufacturing in China and Zhejiang. At this point, the theme lecture of Wu Business Lecture Hall is successfully concluded.