Adhere to customer - centered, to create quality service brand

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-04-29

As a leading enterprise in the security door industry, Buyang Group has been selected as the first choice brand of China's top 500 real estate companies for many consecutive years. It always adheres to customer-centered and strives to create high-quality service brands. With the support, help and care of our partners, we strive to achieve great achievements.

Over the past 29 years, Buyang Group has cooperated with more than 5,000 real estate enterprises on more than 76300 projects, and has been recognized by partners for completing the manufacturing and installation of safety doors with high standards.
In 2021, Buyang Group was successively awarded as excellent supplier by Evergrande Group, Sunac China, Country Garden, Greenland Holdings, Longfor Group, Xincheng Holdings and Jianye Real Estate. This is due to the establishment of the national service system of Buyang Group and the excellent service provided by sales companies and 16,580 after-sales installers all over the country. Xu Buyun, chairman of the group, expressed his gratitude to the after-sales team who overcame difficulties and successfully completed a large number of complex work throughout the country, and gave full recognition to their business ability, work style and service level.


Dare to challenge and study carefully

Complete project docking with high standard

Project construction site

Communicated with the real estate procurement department, verified the construction progress of projects distributed across the country, estimated the entry time of the door, and made the peak valley supply and production scheduling plan for large real estate. Conscientiously do the project allocation work, complete the product selection of real estate projects, provide in-depth drawing design and sample door production, complete the drawing design of more than 15,000 copies of 6 series products throughout the year, confirm the style and production technology of cooperative projects, and ensure the smooth follow-up landing of projects.


Every moment counts

Complete production tasks at a high level

In view of the current product series expansion, small batch multi-category personalized orders increased, daily orders more than 15,000 doors, from more than 100 production batches increased to more than 500 batches, project model doors from more than 60 a day to more than 200 a day, which is also a major challenge to the group's production department. Group to further improve the software department of production management software, implementation parts decomposition, solve the small batch automation accessories order, timely procurement of spare parts supply, meet the workshop production management center to refine the lean management of all workshop, under the premise of realization of personnel, equipment, site SanBuBian, production capacity of 20% yoy.


Fine service, comprehensive overhaul

Complete installation and after-sales tasks with high quality

Buyang distributed in more than 5,800 after-sales service outlets nationwide, according to the requirements of the project, the construction progress of each building timely tracking, and the door size detection, evaluation of site installation conditions. After the entry door is installed, professionals will conduct on-site debugging and protect the finished product according to the project requirements to avoid damage caused by cross-construction on the project site. Before the acceptance of the project, regular self-inspection and maintenance of Buyang products. In 2020, Buyang service team has carried out the "Quality Thousand Miles trip" customer return visit service for six consecutive years, realized more than 3,000 projects return visit, and provided free door-to-door cleaning and maintenance services for 80,000 person-times.

Buyang after-sales service team love and dedication, not afraid of hardships, unity and cooperation, with action interpretation with Buyang I rest assured that Buyang service, to all around the production of buyang honor, is a kind of incentive and inspiration. Buyang will continue to implement the quality service, with the service tenet of "I trust with Buyang", wholeheartedly provide customers with quality service, and contribute to the high quality development of partners!