Credit granted 50 billion! Mr. Xu Buyun, Chairman of Yongkang Federation of Industry and Commerce, signed a contract with ICBC Yongkang Sub-branch to help Yongkang Enterprises

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2024-01-16

 In the afternoon of January 15, the first Economics Summit Forum of Yongshang Chamber of Commerce Living Room 2024 organized by Yongkang Federation of Industry and Commerce and ICBC was held. In order to support the development of Yongshang enterprises, Industrial and Commercial Bank of Yongkang provided 50 billion dollars of credit, and the two sides will play their respective advantages to jointly promote the higher quality development of Zhejiang businessmen in Yong. Yao Jingyuan, special researcher of the Counselor's Office of the State Council, vice president of the Chinese Statistical Society, former chief economist and spokesman of the National Bureau of Statistics, Bao Lingjie, vice president of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang Branch, and municipal leaders Zheng Yuntao, Li Haofeng, Wu Dongming, Hu Tianzhong, and Zhu Pengnian witnessed the signing of the contract. Mr. Xu Buyun, Chairman of Yongkang Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) and Mr. Li Jiang, President of ICBC Yongkang Sub-branch signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

The event invited the relevant departments of the municipal government, financial institutions, business representatives gathered to further deepen the exchange and cooperation between the government, banks and enterprises, for the development of the private economy by injecting financial "living water".

Summit Forum, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Acting Mayor Zheng Yuntao speech: this year, Yongkang Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government iterative upgrade "open door" policy, boosting the city's economic confidence; 2024 is the big battle of the big test, the year of the big job, with industrial transformation, urban renewal, inefficient remediation and other work in the city continued to expand the size of investment Expanding, the total investment in 2024 is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. We hope that Yongkang entrepreneurs will be confident and down-to-earth, plowing into industry fields and promoting enterprises to become bigger and stronger. I hope ICBC will continue to help Yongkang, further transform its financial advantages into industrial advantages, economic advantages and social advantages, and provide more convenient and universal financial support for enterprises based on the city's development needs. I hope that the city Federation of Industry and Commerce will continue to play the role of a bridge to promote the optimization of the business environment, promote the development of the private economy, and work together to write a chapter of Chinese-style modernization of Zhejiang to contribute more Yongkang power.

Yao Jingyuan's Keynote Speech on "China's Internal and External Economic Challenges and Policy Options

 In the conference forum, as the chairman of the board of directors of step sun group and yongkang chamber of commerce, XuBuYun said: confidence is more important than gold. At present, geopolitics, the century epidemic, global inflation and so on, although the real economy has brought big challenges, but from China's economy is difficult to pass the "hard-core report card", we should have confidence, fully understand the "seeking progress in stability, in order to promote stability, the first to set up a breakthrough! The national strategy of "seeking progress amidst stability, promoting stability through progress, and establishing before breaking" has been implemented in all aspects of enterprise development.

Before the official signing, Mr. Chen Yingnan, Secretary of the Party Group of Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce (FICCI), went to Yongkang Chamber of Commerce to visit and investigate the presidential unit - BUYANG GROUP LIMITED, to learn about the construction of the Chamber of Commerce, the construction of enterprises, the development of the member enterprises, and to listen to the opinions and suggestions. Yao Jingyuan, member of the party group of FICCI, president of Jinhua Industrial Bank and famous economist, attended the visit and research.