Zhu Zhonglie, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, emphasized at the Yongkang Buyang Group's symposium on large-scale visits, research, services, and problem-solving that we must truly solve problems for enterprises

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2024-01-10

On January 2nd, Zhu Chonglie, Secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, led the main officials of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Information Bureau, the Science and Technology Bureau, the Asset Planning Bureau, the Financial Office, and Jinhua Vocational and Technical College to attend the 2024 "Red Start" Campaign in the city. Accompanied by Hu Yongchun, Secretary of the Yongkang Municipal Party Committee, they made their first stop to visit the Yongkang Buyang Group Science and Technology Museum and held a large-scale visit, research, service, and problem-solving symposium.

He emphasized that we should deeply study and implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches, comprehensively implement the provincial party committee and municipal party committee's economic work conference decision-making and deployment, adhere to the problem-oriented and goal-oriented, and actually solve the problems for the enterprise, and make every effort to boost the economic and social development in the first quarter of the year to start off the year with a good start, start off the year with a good step.

As a traditional private enterprise in Yongkang door industry, Buyang Group realizes capacity expansion and profit enhancement through building "future factory" and technological research. Zhu Chonglie listened carefully to the enterprise on strengthening school-enterprise cooperation to cultivate skilled personnel and other aspects of the proposal, asked the relevant departments and the Golden Vocational College to seriously study, accelerate the promotion, and strive to cultivate a number of practical skilled personnel, consolidate the foundation of high-quality development of industry. He encouraged enterprises to firmly develop confidence, adhere to the road of brand innovation, hard work to improve the level of management, continue to deepen the personalized customized production mode, and constantly improve the added value of products, expanding the share of foreign markets. He encouraged enterprises to focus on market demand, and constantly promote product upgrades, technology iteration, accelerate the construction of the "factory of the future", and strive to build a first-class enterprise. Zhu Chonglie, secretary of Buyang Group in-depth intelligent workshop to understand the situation, and enterprises reflected on the recruitment of talent and other issues to give on-site response, requiring the localities and relevant departments to strengthen the talent service, solve the problem of children of talented people in school, and use the 5G technology field, to promote the high-quality development of enterprises. He also encouraged the enterprise to enhance its independent innovation ability, reshape the industrial chain value chain, and continue to consolidate and enhance its leading position in the industry.

As the old saying goes, in a crisis there is an opportunity, and a crisis can be turned into an opportunity. History has proved more than once that crisis is not only the cause of the decline of the established countries, but also the opportunity to promote the emerging countries to become stronger. General Manager Xu Jingjun said that when we have practiced the ability to accurately recognize changes, scientifically respond to changes, and actively seek changes, and capture and create opportunities from various problems, the difficulties will be solved one by one, and the problems can be solved one by one, so that we can "jump up" and let the enterprise realize curving road and overtaking the traffic.

After listening carefully, Chairman Xu Buyun said: thirty-one years, Buyang Group not only in the R & D production to meet the thousands of customers personalized products, in the sales approach to innovation also has extraordinary achievements; into an industry to focus on an industry, to do this thing that is to do it to the end. In the new era, the group should innovate and develop, have the courage and boldness to take a new road, and also have the wisdom and foresight to take a good new road, which is the style of Buyang Group. Now it is China's economic climb to break through the time, inevitably encountered some fluctuations and twists and turns, but to accept the test at the same time is also in the sharpening of their own, Buyang will, as always, adhering to the spirit of "four thousand four hundred and forty thousand" spirit and craftsmanship, do a good job in the development of the door industry, and for the world's "Yongkang Hardware Capital! Make its own contribution to the development of "Yongkang Hardware Capital".