2022 New Year Mobilization Meeting of Buyang Group was held

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2022-02-22

In the afternoon of February 22, 2022 New Year Mobilization Meeting of Buyang Group was held at the headquarters of the Group, looking ahead to 2022 and inspiring all Buyang people to forge ahead and write a new chapter. The meeting was hosted by Cheng Mingsong, Vice General Manager of the Group, and all the middle and senior management of the Group attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Chairman Xu from sales "four spell", production "four than" and other aspects of the key statement of the work of each department in 2022, specify the company's strategic objectives, work priorities and security measures in 2022, and put forward new requirements for everyone's work, requiring each department to further clarify the objectives, seize the focus, clarify ideas, strengthen the implementation, with more enthusiasm, more solid style, more reasonable management, fully engaged in the work, to complete the work of the year to make a good start, a good step!

Vice Chairman Chen read out the personnel appointments of the Group in 2022, and she encouraged everyone to "kick-start" the "Year of the Tiger" to achieve good results, cooperate sincerely and keep up with the new era, and in 2022, Buyang people should work hard, work well and work hard.

General Manager Xu pointed out that 2022 is the 30th anniversary of the Buyang Group, but also the key year of the transformation and upgrading of Buyang into a new era, the marketing conference, the President's class, the sales festival three meetings throughout the year sales nodes, the opening is the battle, the start is the sprint, our chairman, the sales team will go to the country to hold a national marketing conference, our sales team to plan every activity, the series of products manager Must be down-to-earth, follow the new era, seriously implement the chairman of the "five new" ideas, continue to strengthen the SMIED terminal construction, strengthen the collection of customer service work, the implementation of the Buyang service home to carry out, increase the marketing of intelligent locks, sales no ceiling, the market is no ceiling, we have to stand in the high-quality development of the We must stand on the new starting point of high-quality development, on the road of pursuing the dream of Buyang for a century, keep the original intention, strengthen confidence, take up the responsibility, and actively act as a gift to Buyang's 30th anniversary with more excellent results.

On the meeting, Chairman Xu awarded the flag to the production departments, the production division managers assured the chairman to complete the production tasks in 2022 and signed the responsibility certificate, the department managers assured the chairman that in the future work will definitely try to learn to know the responsibility in the heart, bear the responsibility in the body, perform the responsibility in the line, stand in the front, rush in the front, work in the front, for the cause of Buyang, for the development of Buyang bravely take the big beam.

Zhu Ning, Vice General Manager of the Group, and Chen Weijun, Manager of the Enterprise Management Department, spoke respectively.

The 2022 Buyang New Year mobilization meeting pointed out the direction for all Buyang people to move forward and enhanced the motivation for struggle. In the past year, under the leadership of Chairman Xu and the hard work of all Buyang people, Buyang Group has achieved the best results in the past years. In the future, Buyang people will continue to hold high the mission of "contributing to the country, creating a brand for the nation, taking responsibility for the society, and setting an example for the industry" and work hard in unity to live up to the great era. A new journey to achieve a new leap.

2022, Buyang people, go!