Buyang Group won the honor of

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2017-12-16

On February 14, the 2nd China Real Estate 2017 Annual Procurement Summit and Award Ceremony for Benchmark Developers and Suppliers was held in Shanghai, and the much-anticipated list of "Top 10 Competitive Enterprises of China Real Estate Procurement Summit Suppliers (Door Industry Category)" was unveiled, and as a leader in the door industry, Buyang Group was awarded the crown with solid performance, innovation ability As a leader in the door industry, Buyang Group was awarded the crown with solid performance, innovation ability and comprehensive strength, and was selected for two consecutive years, winning the unanimous recognition of the real estate industry with its strength.

The theme of the summit is "Online, Wisdom, Win-Win", the president or procurement department helmsman of the top 100 real estate companies, such as Greenland Group, Asahi Group, Kangqiao Group, Greentown Group, Contemporary Real Estate, Ligao Real Estate, Jingrui Real Estate, etc., gathered together to follow the trend of real estate development and witness the second annual real estate procurement summit 2017 together. .

The "Top 10 Competitive" selection of suppliers in China Real Estate Procurement Summit organized by Mingyuan Cloud Procurement not only attracts high attention from 1,800 developers on the platform and promotes cooperation and communication between the two sides, but also provides the best brand endorsement for suppliers. The scientific, fair and authoritative evaluation index system and selection method will make this list more credible and provide the best reference for the procurement of 1,800 real estate enterprises.

Buyang Group has been making strong efforts in China's real estate industry, and has reached strategic partnerships with top 100 real estate developers such as Evergrande, Greenland, Sunac, Fuli, Zhonghai, China Resources, New Town and Jindi with its excellent product quality and professional service system. We actively participate in bidding and tailor-made the most suitable solution according to the project demand, and greatly play the advantages of our own rich product line and excellent after-sales service system to create a safe and comfortable working, leisure and entertainment environment for more users. The Group has always adhered to the "quality and service" dual-engine strategy, focusing on cutting-edge technology research and development to enhance comprehensive competitive strength, thereby driving the rapid development of the industry.

Buyang Group will continue to uphold the concept of "use Buyang I am assured", to build a more professional and responsive sales and service team, in order to win a place in the real estate industry and create another success!