Smart Leadership Change • Create a Better Future I Buyang Smart China Tour started

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2018-10-29

On October 25th, 2018 Buyang Group Dealer Summit with the theme of "wisdom leading change • Create a better future" was held in Dongyang Longjing Radisson Estate Hotel, and achieved a complete success. Dealers from all over the country witnessed the grand ceremony.

Buyun Xu, chairman of Buyang Group, speaks

At the meeting, Chairman Xu affirmed the achievements made in the first half of 2018. He believed that 2018 was an extraordinary year. China's economic development entered a new normal, Sino-US trade friction, door industry entered a cold winter, and export suffered a setback and a sharp decline. But Buyang is able to rely on brand, product innovation, marketing strategy, marketing promotion, lean management, in the joint efforts of all dealers and all staff, against the trend of growth, this achievement is hard-won, he thanked the national Buyang dealers! At the same time, we hope that every buyang dealer will keep up with the development of Buyang, never forget the original aspiration, strive to move forward, continue to work hard for the brilliant dream of buyang for one hundred years, and overfulfill the sales task in 2018.

Buyang high-end customized German explosion-proof series grand listing

Step, Yang group held a product launch in autumn of 2018, in the six major series of products, high-end custom step Yang DE explosion-proof series is the focus of the new product release, as a blockbuster products, high-end custom step Yang DE explosion-proof series launched Europe type, new Chinese style, contemporary and contracted style 12 product, is the most high-end products on the market at present. The new product adopts the patent of German process technology, precision casting the ultimate quality, solid steel door core, steel frame core structure modular, four sides nailless seal patent technology; The use of top hardware handle system, patent bearing hinge, environmental protection car paint, quiet capsule sealing tape configuration, plus rich and comprehensive color plate matching system, very modern sense.

Buyang Group and German brands to achieve strategic cooperation

In addition, Buyang high-end customized German explosion-proof series will be equipped with buyang's latest smart locks. At the same time, hand in hand, together with German designers hammel intelligent lock series products, this series of products to lock two point technology and aesthetics, contracted and fashionable appearance, using the latest security technology to achieve barrier-free fingerprint sensor, the fuselage zinc alloy no Kong Zhu pressure molding material, panel depth of toughened glass panel resistance to wear, for high-end custom tailored products. At the meeting, the company developed a boutique door preferential policy, boutique doors scheduled more than 90,000 door frames, total orders more than 200 million yuan.

Launching ceremony of Buyang Smart China Tour

With the grand release of buyang brand strategy, the safety door industry into fresh blood, open a new chapter. In order to thank all consumers for their trust and support, Buyang Group Chairman Xu Buyun announced that the investment value of 230 million yuan smart lock products, the launch of the "Buyang Smart China" project, intelligent upgrade of Buyang products, so that more consumers experience the convenience of intelligent products...

The summit came to a perfect end. Although the future market challenges are getting bigger and bigger, buyang people break the rules and seek innovation, gather the trend and cope with the changing situation, with a positive and positive spirit of enterprise, go forward hand in hand to create brilliant.