SMIED Strategy: Adding New Landmarks to China's Blue Ocean

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2023-09-22

Old and New Landmarks

What is the SMIED flagship store manager like as a landmark construction?

SMIED Strategic China, on August 12th, another local building materials landmark, SMIED I flagship store at No. 0678 Pingdingshan, Buyang Group Henan Branch, successfully opened. As a strategic key to optimizing and upgrading the product structure of Buyang Group, SMIED is positioned in the domestic high-end market, transmitting the high-end customized door culture of Buyang from top to bottom, creating a new market pattern for different consumer groups to customize products, enhancing business engines, and showcasing SMIED's contemporary design door concept.

The SMIED landmark flagship store covering the "building materials market" has unveiled its mysterious veil!

Buyang Group is committed to building SMIED channels as its strategic focus, and has always implemented the concept of working together and forging ahead for its franchised dealer partners. On the opening day, Xu Xianyong, the General Manager of Buyang Group Zhengzhou Branch, presented a cash opening gift of 100000 yuan on behalf of the Chairman to assist dealers in providing support. The company is willing to be your greatest resource, confidence, and support. May we join hands with an iron army to gather explosive power, rebuild our advantages, showcase our strength, and create brilliance on the path of high-quality development!

In the first half of this year, the headquarters of Buyang accelerated the construction of the SMIED brand flagship store layout, proposing to work hard to create industrial innovation, establish regional landmarks, and expand the scope of engineering retail sales in three centers.

Covering an area of 580 square meters, the entire building has two floors above and below, with a SMIED I Buyang image landing on three sides, creating a landmark building materials flagship store in Pingdingshan. A benchmark storefront, business card, and image have been formed in the local area: "When someone asks for directions, it's 300 meters ahead of the SMIED I Buyang flagship store, and 200 meters left of the XX store in SMIED I Buyang. The first floor SMIED sales lead retail, and the second floor engineering products/exhibition hall is set up to complement each other, facilitating various engineering negotiations and office areas. Emphasis is placed on the blue ocean construction of key map projects such as the Municipal Building Materials Landmark Center, to achieve dual focus on engineering and retail, and to drive the optimization and upgrading of door quality with improved residential areas.

Adversity showcases an enterprising atmosphere

The strong wind knows the strong grass. In the current process of wave like development and tortuous progress of economic recovery, the group of Zhejiang merchants who have risen and grown in difficulties is more eye-catching, demonstrating an enterprising atmosphere.

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